Hanging Version of Sneeze Guard

Reopen your business with acrylic guards installed to help protect your valuable employees and give your customers confidence.


Hanging Version of Sneeze Guard

  • Only $67.95 each with FAST & FREE Shipping*

    Hanging Protection Guard: 23.5" x 19"**

    Four holes for hanging or mounting***


    Hanging sneeze guards are transparent, clear sheets with four holes for versitile mounting solutions. They can be hung from ceilings or mounted in order to cover areas that cannot accommodate standard mounted sneeze guards or desktop protective shields. 


    While made primarily for hanging, the hanging sneeze guard may be used as a mounted sneeze guard. Hanging sneeze guards have rounded corners and are ideal for use when additional space is needed to regularly pass larger items or packages through, such as salons, pharmacies, distribution centers.


    Sneeze guards help maintain social distancing and can prevent the spread of germs or pathogens in critical areas by acting as a physical barrier that stops them from reaching beyond the glass.


    Our guards are made of materials that are durable, lightweight, and more impact resistant than glass while retaining similar optical clarity. These sheets can be easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners – see our recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting sneeze guards in our support section.


    Additional Product Details:

    - Sneeze Guard, Cough Guard

    ​- Crystal Clear and Sturdy 1/4" High Grade Acrylic

    - Easy to clean with soap and water (see our support section for more details)

    - Ships with a protective mask to prevent scratching


    *Alaska and Hawaii Excluded from Free Shipping

    **size may vary by +/- .25"

    ***mounting hardware not included

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